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Bill Baue


The SustyContextGroup is a network of thought leaders and practitioners advancing the notion of Sustainability Context, a performance accounting principle that assesses "the performance of the organization in the context of the limits and demands placed on environmental or social resources at the sectoral, local, regional, or global level" (to quote the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, which coined the concept in 2002). Corporate Sustainability Architect Bill Baue and Center for Sustainable Organizations Executive Director (and The MultiCapital Scorecard Co-Author) Mark McElroy co-founded the Group in early 2012 to nurture the growing global community of practice of passionate individuals and organizations who see the vital necessity of incorporating this concept in corporate sustainability measurement, management and reporting.

Building on the definition of the Sustainability Context principle first put forward by GRI in 2002, we (the SustyContextGroup) have expanded the idea as follows: Sustainability Context (SC) is a performance accounting principle that calls for the specification of organization-specific standards of performance as a precursor to measurement and reporting.  According to the principle, SC takes into account (1) whom an organization’s stakeholders are, (2) the duties and obligations it owes to them to manage its impacts on vital capitals in ways that can affect their well-being, (3) the carrying capacities of the capitals involved, and (4) its fair, just and proportionate shares of the responsibilities to maintain them, be they shared or exclusive. Not only is this a backwards-compatible version of the concept relative to the GRI definition, it is also one that we believe is more fully evolved, informed and executable in practice from now on.


SustyContextGroup Members

Aryt Alasti  |  Responsible Investment at Harvard

Michele Andreaus  |  University of Trento

Alan AtKisson  |  The AtKisson Group

John Baker  |  City of Tallahassee

Rory Bakke  |  Sustainable Concepts Studio

Roberta Barbieri  |  Pepsico

Tom Barefoot  |  Gross National Happiness USA

Wim Bartels  |  KPMG

Bill Baue  |  Corporate Sustainability Architect

Dave Baxter  |  Independent Consultant

Jan Bebbington  |  St. Andrews University

Eric Becker  |  Clean Yield Asset Management

Renilde Becque  |  Independent Sustainability Analyst

Mike Bellamente  |  CDP

Libby Bernick  |  Trucost

Stephanie Bertels  |  Simon Fraser University

Jay Bragdon  |  Conservest and Donella Meadows Institute

Heather Burns  |  Sustainability Strategist

John Byrd  |  University of Colorado Denver

Kyle Cahill  |  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Jay Carmona  |

Karin Chamberlain  |  First Peoples Worldwide

Charles Cho  |  ESSEC Business School

Yara Cintra  |  Fundacao Getulio Vargas

Jackie Cook  |  Cook ESG Research

Bob Costanza  |  Australian National University

Peter Crowell  |  Marlboro Sustainability MBA and Antioch University Sustainability MBA

Stu Dalheim  |  Calvert Investments

Chelsea Davidoff  |  Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Jed Davis  |  Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Rylan Dobson  |  Embedding Project

Bob Doppelt  |  The Resource Innovation Group and University of Oregon

John Elkington  |  Volans

Dan Esty  |  Yale

John Fabel  |  Sylvan Cycles

Niels Faber  |  Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Radboud University Nijmegen

Morris D. Fedeli  |

James Farrar  |  SAP

Shela Fletcher  |  Office Depot

Maya Forstater  |  independent researcher, writer and advisor

Bennett Freeman  |  Calvert Investments

Tiffany Franke  |  Convetit

Gil Friend  |  Natural Logic

John Fullerton  |  Capital Institute

Olivia Fussell  |  CINCS

Neva Goodwin  |  Global Development And Environment Institute, Tufts University

Julie Gorte  |  Pax World Investments

Jeff Gowdy  |  J Gowdy Consulting

Nick Gower  |  HIP Investor

Rob Gray  |  CSEAR, University of St. Andrews

Sue Gray  |  CSEAR, University of St. Andrews

Alexandra Groezinger  |  Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Marc Gunther  |  Author/journalist

Henk Hadders  |  University of Groningen

George Hamilton  |  Institute for Sustainable Communities

Doug Hammond  |  Burns & Hammond

Stuart Hart  |  University of Vermont

Rick Hausman  |  Clean Yield Asset Management

Paul Hawken  |

Barbara Heinzen  |

Christian Hell  |  KPMG

Holger Hendrichs  |  McKinsey

Adrian Henriques  |  Middlesex University

R. Paul Herman  |  HIP Investor

Bart Houlahan  |  B Lab

Pat Hoy  |  Biogen

David Hudson |  Hudson Consulting

Johanna Jobin  |  Biogen

Corey Johnson  |  Lockheed Martin

Valéry Kalemba  |  Independent Research Analyst

Geoff Kendall  |  3D Investment Foundation

Ellen Kennedy  |  Calvert Investments

Matthew Kiernan  |  Inflection Point Capital Management

Dave Knight  |  Two Tomorrows North America-DNV USA

Cary Krosinsky  |  Network for Sustainable Financial Markets

Heena Kushalani  |  SASB

Chris Landry  |  Landry Communications

Laurie Lane-Zucker  |  Hotfrog

Chris Laszlo  |  Case Western Reserve University

Andrea Learned  |  Learned On

Brendan LeBlanc  |  Ernst & Young

Deborah Leipziger  |  Sustainability Lexicon Project

Sanford Lewis  |  Strategic Counsel on Corporate Accountability

Rick Love  |  United Technologies Corp.

Eric Lowitt  |

Poonam Madan  |  Inesa Advisory Services

Bob Massie

Richard Mattison  |  Trucost

Liz Maw  |  Net Impact

Jacob Mayne  |  New Angles

Mark McElroy  |  Center for Sustainable Organizations

Bill McKibben  |

Edward Tello Melendez  |  Macquerie University

Giovanna Michelon  |  University of Padova, Italy

Markus Milne  |  University of Canterbury

John Montgomery  |  Lex Ultima & Benefit Company Bar Association

Kevin Moss  |  World Resources Institute

Marcy Murninghan  |  The Murninghan Post

Cora Olsen  |  Novo Nordisk

Dan Olson  |  San Juan Citizens Alliance

Jim Ormond  |  Article 13

Den Patten  |  Illinois State University

Kristian Peters  |  University of Groningen

Karl Pfalzgraf  |  BPA Worldwide

Cynthia Phillips  |  G Media Partners

Jessie Phillips  |  Cabot Creamery Cooperative

James Pittman  |  Earth Economics 

Matthew Polsky  |  Institute for Sustainable Enterprise

Kevin Rabinovitch  |  Mars Incorporated

Janet Ranganathan  |  World Resources Institute

Paul Reig  |  World Resources Institute

Allison Ries  |  Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Tames Rietdijk

Nick Robins  |  Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, UNEP

Terry Robinson  |  Pratt & Whitney

William Russell  |  Transitioning to Green, LLC

Maryam Sadeghi  |  University of Sheffield

Michael Sadowski  |  Nike

Mohamed Saeudy  |  University of Dundee

Roger Saillant  |  Case Western Reserve University

James Salo  |  Trucost

Stephen Salotti  |  Ben & Jerry's

Cory Searcy  |  Ryerson University

Chris Sequeira  |  FAA

Maria Sillanpaa  |  Sustainability Advisory Group

KoAnn Skrzyniarz  |  Sustainable Life Media

Chris Soderquist  |  Pontifex Consulting

Claire Sommer  |  Kayak Media

Gus Speth  |  Vermont Law School

Amy Springsteel  |  Voya Financial

Lorna Stevenson  |  University of St. Andrews

Emma Stewart  |  Autodesk

Coro Strandberg  |  Strandberg Consulting/CBSR

Sebastian Straube  |  BSD Germany

Joss Tantram  |  Terrafiniti

Martin Thomas  |  Call 4 Change

Ben Thompson  |  Autodesk

Gabriel Thoumi  |  Calvert

Ralph Thurm  |  A|HEAD|ahead

Elisa Tonda  |  UNEP

Mark Tulay  |  GISR

Chris Tuppen  |  Advancing Sustainability LLP

Wood Turner  |  Stonyfield Farm

Elizabeth Umlas  |  Independent Human Rights Researcher

Cornis Van Der Lugt  |  Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa, Stellenbosch University Business School

Jo van Engelen  |  TU Delft

Wayne Visser  |  CSR International & Kaleidoscope Futures

Dimitar Vlahov  |  Sustainable Life Media

Mathis Wackernagel  |  Global Footprint Network

David Waldron  |  Synapse Strategies

Allen White  |  Tellus Institute

Andy Whitman  |  Manomet

Bob Willard  |  Sustainability Advantage

Kathrin Winkler

Andrew Winston  |

Robin Wood

Tim Woodall  |  Addison Design

Jennifer Woofter  |  Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Betsy Yoshimura  |  GISR

Brad Zarnett  |  Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS)

Eric Zencey  |  Gund Institute, University of Vermont

Co-Founder  Mark McElroy


Mark McElroy